Start with the problem in mind- reduce the noise, and cut through the fog.

Dominic Sessa
2 min readApr 1, 2021

Ironic, I know. The solution to most problems is seeded within the problem itself, except when it’s not. When the solution to a problem calls for more than knowledge, you will need to look at the problem differently.

A meta-strategy for finding solutions is to look at the external, internal, and philosophical problems.

When your shoulder hurts during a movement, you have an external problem. When you get frustrated because your shoulder hurts during movement, you have an internal problem. When you feel the unfairness of having a hurt shoulder, you have a philosophical problem.

By giving voice to these dimensions of the problem you are experiencing, you begin to create space for a solution. You acknowledge the mechanical or external domain of experience, the external problem. We have emotional responses to external problems, the internal problem. The unfairness of the problem is a natural response, the philosophical problem.

By conversing with the problem this way, it makes the problem more digestible. It puts you on the same wavelength as the problem. In my healing work, I have found solutions appear when we make space for them. The best way to make space for healing, acknowledge the problem. I am not advocating blind positive thinking, and I do not suggest a specific narrative to generate a positive outlook on a negative situation.

As you give voice to those dimensions of experience, you create space for the solution. In every great story, the story starts when the problem begins by you describing and hearing the problem. You begin your Mission to Health. You begin to calibrate, orient, and target solutions.

The intimacy with the problem puts you on the same wavelength as your solution. You will go through trial and error to find the right solution. Since you know the internal, external, and philosophical problems, you are calibrated to filter out the wrong solutions until you find the right match. You are calibrated towards a plan of action.

Start with the problem in mind. Describe the external, internal, and philosophical problems to get clear, reduce the noise, and stop the fog. Laser in on the solution by starting with the problem. By defining the problem, you will ask better questions and find a better match.



Dominic Sessa

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