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People forget the body can adapt. It’s neuroplasticity applied to the body- you can change how your body moves and feels.


Let’s start with this psychological concept- reframing. You can take some events and reframe your feelings about them. You put the feeling or facts under a different microscope, and it changes how you interpret the events.

At the core of reframing, you have a physiological response to the words and your interpretation (ex. calming, energizing, distressing, frustrating). After the reframing process, you have a different physiological response to the interpretation of the event (ex. distressing, soothing, calming, gratitude).

Essentially, your feelings about the same event changed. Now, let’s look at the body — —


When you change the references you use for a movement, you change how your body experiences that movement.

If you have ever cringed after seeing someone do an exercise- like a squat, lunge, sit up, or pull up- if you asked them to exhale differently, to change the pressure in their feet, or had them grip the bar for a bench press differently, you would be changing the references they’re using for the movement.

When you watched the person doing the exercise after cueing, in their head they would be using different references from within the exercise, and you would see their movement change.

Because you gave them different references, it completely changes the “event” of exercise. Instead of reframing an event to elicit a different feeling, you change the references for an exercise — you change how the exercise looks and how the exercise feels.


When I teach a client to reference a different part of their foot and exhale or inhale at a different time of the movement, they experience co-activation because they turn on their feet, their breathing, and the muscle generally incorporated during the movement.

They’re maintaining some tension in one part of their body, a motor hold. Meanwhile, they’re doing the mechanics of the movement, a motor movement elsewhere.



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