Number One Reason People DON’T Exercise (They forget their reasons).

Dominic Sessa
2 min readApr 15, 2021

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The number one problem stopping people from exercising — UNCLEAR ACTIONS. They don’t have a program to exercise. You are going to be vague about it. When you do that exercise- you are not going to know how to feel it, what is important about that particular exercise, you won’t know where to place the pressure on your feet, what you should be doing with your feet, your knees, your hips, and your abs.

After a certain age, exercise is about more than just sweating or feeling exhausted. You start asking, why should I do this exercise? Why is this important for me? What am I doing here? Why should I even exercise right now?

I could be doing 16 other things right now, but I am going to exercise. Why? For what reason? Is it to look better? To have my abs look better? Those are OK reasons but my hope for you is that exercise helps you to feel better in life.

People forget the bigger picture. They forget the moral of their story. They forget about their drama around exercise.

In Mission to Health, I talk about life and how life is going to push you- and you have to push back. Commitments and things you’re signed up for will attempt to steal your time and energy even when you are not engaged in them.



Dominic Sessa

People fail to stay inspired to care for their health. They start and then stop. Write your Mission to Health.