Begin with the Problem

Dominic Sessa
2 min readApr 1, 2021


When you live your mission to health, you can put effort and energy into getting stronger, feeling better, and living without pain. But the truth is, sometimes, as the hero of your health story, you need to increase your understanding. It is no longer about executing the right exercise. It is not about counting another rep or checking off your exercise checklist.

You need to increase your understanding. It is about increasing your knowledge about how the parts interconnect and function together in the big picture.

I can provide you with the knowledge from my experience, and you can learn it. But, the understanding you need might need to be earned. You may need to digest how the parts interface and relate. The way a puzzle becomes clear and the big picture becomes visible.

People think they need to work harder, push further, do an extra set, rep, eat more, eat less, sleep more, meditate more, walk more, watch less tv, eat less dessert, treat themselves more….

I’ve seen people make a LEAP in progress because they stop using (only) willpower — YES, you need to make changes, change habits, adopt the behaviors to add health and energy into your life.

I have seen (in many cases more dramatic) changes when someone increases their understanding of the model and how the big picture clicks together.

I don’t believe you should start with the end in mind. Begin with the problem. Start by defining the problem.

What is the external problem? The internal problem? The philosophical problem?

  1. Name it.
  2. 2. Label it.
  3. 3. Give it a voice.

As you have the power of giving voice to the problem. Then you can begin to agitate the problem. By describing the problem, you create the space for the solution.

These are parts of my Mission to Health Program. These are the greatest resources I know of for solving problems by specifically giving voice to the problem. Strategically applying empathy to the program to evoke that energy with yourself. This keeps your energy moving forward. Similar to the seasons and the energetic work of Acupuncture. It keeps you moving through the voices and the energy within yourself.

The key is energy. It is the energy we bring to life that makes the biggest difference.

A meta-strategy- story. It is about writing your story to health, your Mission to Health.



Dominic Sessa

People fail to stay inspired to care for their health. They start and then stop. Write your Mission to Health.