Are you using the WRONG Motivation to Exercise?

Dominic Sessa
1 min readApr 15, 2021

#WrongMotivation #MissiontoHealth

All motivation is not equal. When people use a negative motivation strategy- I’m fat, I’m overweight, I eat all the wrong foods, I am not an exerciser- they start to beat themselves up.

The motivation gets started with the wrong energy- and it takes this wrong energy into the idea of exercise. You are NOT attracted to the good things.

You don’t need to blind yourself thinking exercise is a cure, all-but it is widely known, exercise makes you feel better.

When you use a negative motivation strategy, you won’t exercise until you’ve beaten yourself up ENOUGH (so you’ve reached your threshold). Then, finally, you’ll say “Now I’ll go Exercise”.

STOP getting motivated in that way! And START to ask yourself some key questions.

The first step is from my Mission to Health Program. Define the problems (external, internal, and philosophical).

From my Mission to Health Program:

  1. Define the problems
  2. 1.1. External problem, internal problem, the philosophical problem.

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Dominic Sessa

People fail to stay inspired to care for their health. They start and then stop. Write your Mission to Health.